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A Classic Danish Lunch – Smoerrebroed

November 2, 2011

Smoerrebroed… An absolute classic in Denmark. It is the open sandwich on very dark (rye) bread, served with a large variation of toppings and sides. If you go to Denmark and have this served at a restaurant, it will be uber delicious… and oftentimes, very unhealthy. Smoerrebroed is famous for its fatty toppings such as mayo, fatty pork or beef and… well, mayo! BUT! Smoerrebroed can just as well be healthy, you just have to top it off the right way. Here is my version:

These are for my boyfriend and I… his plate is on the left:

-Rye-bread with Scandinavian-style salmon, topped with raw onion

– Rye-bread with a boiled egg, topped with scallions, low-fat mayo and black pepper

– Rye-bread with sliced chicken, topped with scallions and black pebber.

On my plate you will find the same things, except I have switched the chicken out with tomato topped with scallions and black pepper. For sides, munch on mini-cucumbers, green olives, onion, avocado, and tomato. Vaers’go!

Side-note: The right kind of really dark Rye-bread is hard to find in the United States. However, I have found a very authentic version from the brand Mestemacher. You can for sure find this brand in Food Emporium and Whole Foods (that’s where I get it). The bread you want is called Fitness Bread. It’ll get you the fiber you need and make your stomach feel great throughout the whole day.


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