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Danish Christmas Market in Brooklyn

November 23, 2011

This past Saturday, my better half and I went to the annual Danish Christmas Market in Brooklyn. Hosted and organized by the Danish church and organization Soemandskirken, the event was extremely well visited (for the two hours we were there, we were among an estimated 300 other Danes, American spouses, and Danish/American kids). It was like walking in to a mini Denmark in the middle of the hip and cozy neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

We munched on delicious Aebleskiver (to translate, I heard an American woman married to a Danish man, referring to the Aebleskiver as kinds of Donuts), Glogg (Mold-wine… Or Danish Sangria! Warm wine with liquor, raisins and nuts), and Smoerrebroed. It was like coming home for Christmas.

After eating (and listening to the famous Danish “folk”-singer Johnny Reimar), we walked around between the tables at the market. We ended up getting a Christmas candle with numbers counting down to Christmas, decorations for the Christmas tree I plan on buying, and a bottle of Glogg to mix and drink at home. Who would have thought… Danish Christmas in NYC.

Smoerrebroed with roastbeef, grilled onion, remoulade (a popular danish spread), tomato, and lettuce

Smoerrebroed with shrimp, lemon, dill, mayo, and lettuce

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