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Restaurant Check: BareBurger

November 24, 2011

Oh man, just the kind of burger place I was looking for! BareBurger has it all… organic and delicious! I’ve been to the BareBurger on 3rd Ave a couple of times now, and it hasn’t let me down. The staff if super chill, but attentive, and the burger is… well, pretty darn good! I’ve fallen in love with their pesto red pepper burger. I get it with the Whole Grain bread and the veggie burger. When you go here, you have to order the fries that come with three different dips… it’s out of this world, and while it’s not something you should munch on every night (for the sake of maintaining a healthy weight), these are certainly something to try and spoil yourself with.

BareBurger is a great burger place for vegetarians and meat-lovers a like, as they have everything from bison to mushroom burgers. Everything is organic and even the tables you sit at are made out of trees that have fallen naturally. Isn’t that worth supporting?

BareBurger addresses the importance of eating and buying organic. I went to their website to share their take on why eating organic is so important for you, the animals, and our environment.

It’s better for you
It’s important to remember that whenever you eat a meat product, you’re eating everything ingested by that animal. Eating foods raised in modern, factory-like settings means ingesting growth hormones, pesticides and a myriad of antibiotics. None of these have any place in your body.

It’s equally important to remember that when you eat organic fruits and vegetables, you are eating food that is grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic fruits and vegetables have higher levels of antioxidants and vitamins compared to conventionally grown fruits and vegetables.

It’s tastier
All-natural, free-range meats are grass-fed and pasture raised, giving them a melody of robust, hearty flavors that simply cannot come from animals reared in an industrial feedlot. When an animal is raised in its natural environment, it’s going to taste better. Organically grown fruits and vegetables tend to be juicier, sweeter and riper.

It’s better for the planet
Almost everything in Bareburger restaurants are built from a sustainable and reclaimed material. The tabletops are crafted from trees felled by storms. The booths are made from recycled, post consumer vinyl. The ceilings are paneled with reclaimed tin siding from deconstructed barns. Most of the takeout products are made with plant resin or recycled paper products, and all of them (even the bags) are biodegradable. The animals that supply Bareburger’s meat have been treated humanely and with respect. BareBurger supports farms that provide honest and fair wages. They also support local food artisans like NY Foods Organic, Blackwing Quality Meats, Alberts Organics, Ricks Picks and Maine Root Soda. BareBurger’s restaurants are powered by renewable green energy sources from Green Mountain Energy.


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  1. findingpaola permalink

    Their food is yummy. Here’s the thing, my boyfriend asks, “why do they call it bare burger when all they do is mask the flavor of the meat with all the toppings they put on it?” I kind of agree. I tell him maybe the name “bare burger” is because it is all natural without all the added crap, but he still makes a point.

    • ScandinavianFemme permalink

      Oh, I definitely agree with you; it is because it is all organic and “bare” from added hormones, chemicals, etc. I can see your boyfriend’s point, but I just love all the toppings they put on it. In Denmark, most Burgers are sooo much more than the meat; the toppings and mix of flavors are really what make a great burger, I think. But then again, I don’t eat meat, so I don’t really have the problem of tasting the beef or not 🙂 Thank you for reading!

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