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To read the newspaper or to make time-consuming breakfast… Protein Shake!

June 24, 2012

Here is my dilemma: In the morning, I don’t like to get up earlier than absolutely necessary. That fact has made my morning routines one big landscape of compromise. Compromise on how great I look that day (think hair wash, make-up, hair styling, thought into out-fit, etc.). Something I’m sure many women can recognize. Of course there are days where I feel like I have all the energy in the world. On those days, I get up, make a huge omelet with vegetables, fresh herbs, lots of eggs, etc. I eat it while reading the International section of the newspaper, and sometimes I even have time for a cup of green tea. These mornings are rare (except on Sundays). Most mornings, I press “Snooze” about 5 times. I take the quickest shower, realize I only have time for mascara, jeans, and a shirt. But what about food? This is my solution: a protein shake. Aaah yes, I actually started enjoying them quite a bit.

To make sure this super quick solution still gives me stuff that I need to have energy until lunch, I usually make a blend of whey protein, water, fruit, honey, and almond butter. It’s quite tasty, very refreshing… and FAST! I buy frozen fruit for the purpose (check the ingredients list for any added aspartame and other unnecessary additions. Just the fruit is fine), which is a win-win: I don’t have to chop and the drink is cold “automatically”. This way, I may even have time to skim the international section… but then I’ll have to skip the shower. Priorities! Cheers!



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