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Primal Lunch Inspirations

June 30, 2012

Most people here in Denmark eat BREAD for lunch… bread with meat, bread with butter, bread with vegetables, bread with jam… It’s the whole grain (rugbroed) kind, but it’s still bread, and certainly not primal. That’s why I usually get the most curious looks when I say I don’t eat grains.  What do I eat for lunch then?? When I lived in the US, it was the same thing… No grains, that means, sandwiches, pasta, rice… But what do you eat for lunch then???? People, it’s not that complicated. And it’s actually ridiculously delicious.

Here is a typical example of my lunch. I bring it to work in a Tubberware (wannabe, cheaper), arrange it on a plate, and, like my co-workers say: It looks like a 5-star restaurant lunch!

What you see: Leftover cooked vegetables from last nights dinner: carrot, white asparagus, 1 potato (not more than one, or 2 small, don’t fill you plate with these babies, especially not if you are trying to lose weight), sauteed pointed cabbage. The fresh vegetables are: red bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, romaine, mushrooms. From can: sun-dried tomatoes, green olives. The meat: 1 fish-“meat”ball (will post recipe for these soon) and smoked salmon. The dairy: home-made Funen tzatziki (find recipe here on my blog).

This may seem like a lot of work, but if you prepare it in large portions on, for instance, Sunday, all you have to do is grab it from the fridge and put it in a Tubber. Chop the romaine and just throw everything else in there. A fantasticly filling and delicious lunch, with no grains. The best way to a flat stomach and a more energetic self.

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