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Oven-grilled Norwegian Lobsters in Garlic and Parsley

July 22, 2012

This is, hands down, the perfect summer dish! Norwegian lobsters are the delicious little shellfish that just belong in sentences that also include “white wine” and “summer nights”.

I won’t make this too official of a recipe, but rather just tell you what to do, plain and simple, like my mom taught me. She made this, I watched and took pictures, but next time it’s my turn.

So here’s what you do: Buy fresh Norwegian Lobsters! As many as possible, because you can’t stop eating these once you’ve made them, and you’ll be sad if there aren’t enough. Now, make their marinade out of canola oil, fresh parsley, garlic, some chili spice, a bit of salt and some pepper. Stir it up in a small bowl (see picture below).

Now, clean the lobsters of the thin dark “string” inside of them. You can do this with a potato peeler. Some people don’t do it (it’s the same with shrimp), but I find it kind of gross to be eating the lobster’s entrails.


Now, put the lobsters in an oven-proof dish and add the marinade. Stir the lobsters around so they are all pretty covered in the marinade.

Set your oven on “grill”mode and to 300 degrees Celsius. Put the oven-proof dish with the lobsters in the oven for 10 minutes. Done! Make sure everyone at the table has plenty of napkins available, as peeling these at the table takes some work. But it is all worth it! Serve with lots of vegetables (your choice) on the side. Also, make sure you have plenty of chilled white wine. You are destined for a great summer night!




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  1. Eduardo permalink

    Thank you, everything looks delicious!!

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