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Paleo Morning Pancakes

January 12, 2013

Oh welp – like everybody else on Pinterest, I’ve now been hit by the spreading disease: the love for these paleo pancakes. They have become so popular, even non-paleo peeps are munching on them in the morning. They are SO easy and I’ve very quickly become super addicted to them in the morning – especially post morning-workouts!

You need: 1 banana, 2 eggs. Butter for the pan. THAT’S IT! But then of course, you can add more fun stuff if you want. I add cinnamon, hemp seeds,chia seeds and my organic chocolate-taste protein powder. Non of these extras are necessary, you can just go with the banana and the eggs, or you can use your imagination and experiment. But don’t spoil it by adding any kind of grain or sugar. Pretty please 🙂

Oh, and I put a tiny but of organic agave syrup on top… just a bit! Ummm nom nom nom.

Paleo pancake

Paleo pancake



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