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Vegetarian sort-of Primal Chili Dogs

April 28, 2013

I am finally back! I have moved to a new place and was without internet for the first month… gahh! Therefore, no blogging for so long. But I have been able to listen to the radio, work out, read books and magazines, and of course COOK! It’s actually nice to be without a screen (I don’t have a TV either) when you get home from work. I feel like my brain and body has responded very positively, I have been less stressed and slept even better at night. Also, I have become part of the sect that is CROSSFIT 😉 At my intro class, the trainer called it a sect because it’s such an addicting environment and atmosphere, and I must admit that I’ve become completely hooked. It also fits my Primal lifestyle very well, and I just feel it all harmonizing. My body is loving it.

So, since I haven’t had internet for a long time, I have a lot of stuff to post, but I found the pictures of this amazing chili dog that I made a few months ago that I never got around of posting. But that’s a shame because it was YUM!! I can only call it sort-of Primal because I used a vegetarian sausage that consists of Tofu (I use the organic brand Nagel), and for “ground meat” I also used a vegetarian version which consists of, among other things, soy (bought in a health-store in the frozen section, you can probably get something similar in Trader Joe’s if you’re from the States). Not Primal at all, BUT I didn’t use any bread, which is to make it a bit primal. My stomach reacts in a much more negative way to bread than to soy, so that’s why I was kinda like.. whatever 🙂

So those were my adjustments. For the full recipe, look here:  that’s where I found this fantastic recipe.




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