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Welcome to my blog!

This is a space for food pictures, recipes and some general healthy-lifestyle inspiration.

I am a health nut, a late 80s girl with lots of appetite – not only on food – but also on travelling and making the most of my time here on this beautiful planet.

I live by the Primal/Paleo principles (ditched grains, sugar and processed foods). I only eat meat if it’s organic, other than that, just fish. I am completely set on this and have lived this way since January 2012. After just 2 weeks on the paleo lifestyle, the bloatedness, fatigue, bad sleep, and the extra few pounds I dealt with before went right out the window, and I experienced well-being in a sense that I’d never felt before. I haven’t looked back since.

For more info on the paleo/primal lifestyle, I encourage you to explore the following amazing websites: and where you’ll find all the information you need to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

ScandinavianFemme is a Dane. When she started the blog (October 2011), she lived in New York City. She has since moved back to Denmark to work, and is now doing her MA in Political Science in Tel Aviv.

ScandinavianFemme has a BA in political science and journalism, and has a passion for animal rights and habitat conservation.

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